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Suzi Suzuki

In the beginning, while other little girls played with dolls in their preschool years, Suzi played with vinyl. At the age of 5 she was already deeply engrossed in her father`s huge record collection.

Although her father tried to dissuade her, Suzi couldn’t stop sneaking into the stereo room and putting the needle on the record.

In these early days, Suzi´s first DJ steps were formed when she started to create her own little mixtapes from radio Hit Parades during that time – an early version of sampling in a pre-digital age.


It’s 1996 and a fledgling DJ Suzi, infected by the London underground techno scene of the time, began to combine her own beats with refined and ever-changing looks and fashion.

Suzi’s soundscapes and sets were already taking shape, ranging from dirty Chicago House to floating Deep House, sprinkled with some Disco House thrown in for groovy measure. A style was being born – one that’s stuck around to this day – fuelled by early tunes yet interlaced with more modern progression.

Since then Suzi has been rocking wildly on dancefloors around the globe. With bases in Ibiza, Tenerife and Cologne, Suzi also produces her own radio shows for “Radioradionetwork” and frequently plays sets on the world-famous @ibizaglobalradio.

“MY MUSIC IS UR FOOD” soon became Suzi’s maxim and over the years she’s been the creative force behind many different projects including this year’s stunning new release, “Lune de Miel EP”, an international collaboration of the freshest best produced with pop legend Barbara Alcindor (aka GhettoBardot) & Wim Roelants.

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Suzi founds her own very girlie and cozy studio called “beatkitchen“ 


“Suzuki´s Beatkitchen” launches globally on streaming and sales platforms


Since Suzi feelz home in a large range of musical genres, she also starts producing Sound for movies & TV companies such as ENDEMOL and Jack in the Tube Prod


Suzi Suzuki founded her own YouTube channel, which thrills her fans with very successful hits from the “badass mixes” with over 250k views


Suzi is working with her partner & soulmate guitar genius Wim Roelants on new artistic projects in music production & LIVE on stage under the name “N10s”


Spending almost every free minute in studios all over Europe i.e. Ibiza, Tenerife, London, Berlin 20 hot`n`spicy melodies are ready to be released this year


New Edits

  • Date :
    August 2023
  • Genre :
    House / Techno
  • Mixed by :
    Suzi Suzuki

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