Ever since her first official performance back in 1996 at a little club in Cologne/Germany she has been rocking all kind of dance floors around the world. initially spinning techy trance as „CONSTANCE JOURNEY“ touring the globe with gigs in the UK, Israel, Switzerland, Greece, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Brasil and many many times in Mexico.

In spring 2002 she invented her more housy style - a new star was born: SUZI SUZUKI - a tastemaker to energize and fascinate audiences with sexy, funky deep-house beats and a little disco thrown in for good measure.

Returning to Ibiza in 2005 the wide variety of fresh and amazing music on the "White Isle" inspired her to get back into the studio to start producing again. She released on labels like Ministry of Sound, Unique Rec. or Audiopirats.

Since 2010 she also composes and compiles music-productions for film/media/tv such as Endemol or Jack in the Tube Productions.

Suzi exclusively launched her own label SUZUKIS BEATKITCHEN in 2014 and got resident for HOUSEPITAL and FUDE@Pacha/Ibiza. From March 2015 on she has her own radio show on Beachgrooves Radio/Marbella and plays as regular guest at Ibiza Global Radio.

In summer season of 2015 SUZUKIS BEATKITCHEN LABELNIGHTS were established in Ibiza, London/UK and Cologne/Germany. So far 5 of them have kicked off with great success.

In January 2016 she presented her first solo LIVE ACT @ fashionweek/Berlin. Playing LIVE will be a new facet available in her program and from February onward her fresh releases can be expected on a monthly basis.